How to chop an ONION using CRYSTALS with Jamie Oliver

How to chop an ONION using CRYSTALS with Jamie Oliver

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver talks us through the three different ways to cut an onion, from the traditional half way chop to his preferred methods of tea towels, squashing and using his latest…



buzzy1buddy says:

So good thank you to Bruce for showing me this

Patterrz says:

My Banana was rotten when it came out did I do something wrong?

Jake Mumma says:

You sir are a genius! Bravo!

Chillhop Music says:

It’s like an actually funny version of “How To Basic”. Well done!

BmwsuGameplay says:

But what if I want my banana chopped like that? How do I do that?

Matt Grier says:

+Rachael Grier you have to watch this. The people that made this video are
genius. Very funny.

Geralt Of Rivia says:

You got me laughing in the first 4 seconds. I don’t think that’s ever
happened to me before.

Loo Ming says:

totally hilarious..”its what I do 7 times out of 10, actually”

Sandra Rose says:

the hell?

Yes it's funny says:
M AL says:

does the paper bag have to be brown?

jior6 says:

Wtf did i just watch

Kira1Lawliet says:

Instructions not clear.

Became an avocado.

Joseph Neigh says:

Is this suppose to be funny? I’m the easiest guy to get laughing but I
didn’t even smile…

Chuck Olmstead says:

I wish he had put his banana in the bag…I want to see it.

Joe Wilson says:

yes its funny………more like yes its fucked

Grravy ™ says:

My microwave exploded, what do I do?

Oscar Chavez says:

I Put the banana in the bag and shook it, Nothing happened. Can someone

coolkie says:

Gordon : how hard is it to cut a fking onion?

priscila borges says:


starrychloe says:

Ok I have no idea why this is funny but I’m laughing so I must declare that
yes, it is funny.

jaxflfreebird says:

What the FUCK did I just witness?

Brian Martin says:

Is this dry British humor?

Green Raver says:

You can also use crystals for time travel, just ask Uncle Rico

Jane Laakkonen says:

Swwww… That’s the sound of these jokes going straight over my head.

Tru Blockz says:

Directions not clear, um i think I used the wrong banana which was I
supposed to use? 

ShinigamiMachine says:

“Yes It’s Funny”? More like “No It’s Not”.

Gi-mee-dat Nation says:

This didn’t work for me. Jamie makes it look really easy.

Rick Sky says:

The first time I tried this I used a plantain instead of a banana. It
didn’t work. Used a banana the second time. It worked perfectly. CC!

zue cell says:

yes , now i can peel apple with banana :)

akalink77 says:


Jenny Green says:


Techno sailor says:


Jay Sims says:

your full of dogshit……there is no way you could just chuck it in a bag
with a bannana and have it come out in perfect little diced pieces… you

Jonathan Davies says:

I use crystals to cure cancer. Come to my channel to see how.

P.J. G. says:

And the fucking banana, LOL

plijuh123 says:

Did Jamie actually say anything about a banana in a bag? What for? Where’s
the original video?

ACID370Z says:

This video is EVERYTHING that makes youtube great.
Content like this is above HBO, Netflix because it’s on such a small scale
yet it’s EPIC!

Producr34tion says:

Does it work?

cookycandy4 says:

What type of voodoo…

jason lin says:

i thought it was magic

Kancho says:

Obviously fake since he didn’t say what *type* of crystal. Duuh..

Violin Player says:


Acid Snow says:

I like Jamie, but this was disturbingly unfunny. …More uncomfortable

jeconiac says:


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