Marshawn Lynch and Rob Gronkowski Play “Mortal Kombat X” With Conan O’Brien

Marshawn Lynch and Rob Gronkowski Play “Mortal Kombat X” With Conan O’Brien

CONAN Highlight: It’s a hardcore Super Bowl proxy battle as Marshawn Lynch and Rob Gronkowski duke it out in “Mortal Kombat X” on Conan’s Clueless Gamer Big Game Showdown! More CONAN …



Team Coco says:

The Big Question: Will +Marshawn Lynch or +Rob Gronkowski do my touchdown
dance today? – Conan ‪#‎SB49‬

Tora Chan says:

Still can’t believe that the Seahawks didn’t give Marshawn the ball in the
Super Bowl…

Team Coco says:

#SB49 Halftime Show Alternative: Watch +Marshawn Lynch & +Rob Gronkowski play
#MortalKombatX with #Conan 

Team Coco says:

The winner of the Super Bowl will be decided tonight by +Marshawn Lynch & +Rob
Gronkowski playing #MortalKombatX .

Thomas Bishop says:

Mario Kart. Toad. That’s me drivin.

Oh god I lost my shit…

Luis Sonim says:

Funny how 20 years ago this game was banned, censored, sued and bad mouthed
the shit off. Now celebrities play it uncensored on national television.
Guess the world evolved from the dark age mind set.

Tommy Phuket says:

3:22 dear god that was nasty! I was eating ramen while watching that……

pompomworld says:

This, lel +ScottishGeeks 

Gregory House says:

Just saying, Gronkowski knew what lipitor (statin) was. He said “keeps your
heart right,” which is technically true.

robertocarlos0 says:

3:24 that reaction are of people who are not use to see the kind of gore,
these games are more for 12 to15 year old gamers.

Osman Changalismith says:

i doubt they did any finishing moves to be honest. Theyre not easy to pull
of for noobs.

MacMcMac says:


zhaquiri says:

It doesn’t look like they’re the ones playing. lol They’re just
button-mashing! No way that could do a finishing kill. The moves in MK
consist of individual button presses for the most part.

Brandon H. says:

In honor of Mortal Kombat X coming out Tuesday and with the likes of +Richard
Harker +Orion Paxx +Robbie Adams +Mike Neufeld +James Lee +J. Alberto Perez
Zacarias and others “attempting” at playing please enjoy…

Ohhh and may the smack talk be in all good fun.

GlacHusky says:

I just won 50$ betting on the Patriots. U jelly?

Papa Georgio says:

It filled me with a sexual thrill. could not stop laughing.

Burnin Leo 64 says:

Come get in the grumpcade shade over here m8’s

Rexiile Doolin says:

And this ladies and gents is why you should do good in school. Lmfao

Cherri_Amour says:

see, i don’t even read comments here anymore cuz of the disgusting racism,
but this vid was so amusingly awkward i just had to comment and sadly, read
a few comments. it’s fucking ridiculous and pathetic how many cowards can
say such vile and hateful things while hiding behind anonymity. bitch on
tho, racists…cuz karma will catch up to you eventually.

in the meanwhile i think we should boycott youtube until they decide to
moderate comments cuz it’s a multi billion dollar business and they damn
sure can afford it. fuck google and chrome as well cuz they’re responsible

aluapzurc2 says:

3:24 lol the black guy jumped, the white looked like he was about to throw
up and Conan looked like he had the best nut of his life. 

Jacob Huber says:

Patriots didn’t win SB, Seahawks lost it.

Nultari says:

I am utterly offended and honestly, disgusted by this video. It is clear
that you are attempting to force your religious beliefs on me and I’ve had
enough. I have reported this video and flagged on several accounts because
of how furious I am. If you are a non believer and you feel the same,
please DM me and we can talk it out.

Sincerely, Nultari
Atheist and advocate of beastiality 

MrSmilingDeath says:

Dan brought me here today…thanks Grumps. I needed this. 

Kevin San says:

Marshawn Lynch seems like a cool ass dude to chill with

Sam Davey says:

Mr Chow from Hangover at 3:29

Tí mó tàihòu shū. says:

These guys are bigger game nerds than conan.

StefveoX says:

There’s nothing like losing right after a fucking miracle takes place…
Why didn’t the Hawks let Marshawn Lynch take care of it all???

Dario Liotine says:

e few times he spoke that Rob Gronkowski dude was fun!

SabbyNeko says:

I’m not a sports fan, so I never see pro sports players. Are these guys
typical? They don’t seem like people, they seem like neanderthals from a
time machine. They can barely talk and they don’t seem to understand
anything Conan says or does.

John Zoidberg says:

5:13 Cunt Punt ftw!

soliduswasright says:

For a man called Beast Mode, he sure is a massive pussy when it comes to
virtual guts.

Cole Baker says:

Marshawn is soooo black and Gronk is sooooo white. I love it

Martin Mendoza says:


Maezy Haldeman says:

This is just too great! 

Ronoc42 - Random Vids says:

this game is disgusting, I hope it does terrible

Gonçalo Morais says:

Why some of Clueless Gamer’s videos aren’t avaible in Portugal?
I am a super fan of Conan and I am a super video games fan; so please fix
that… Thanks.

Mprocks27 says:

Lynch- hat, headphones, multiple chains, gold grille.

Rob- t-shirt

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