Mean Tweets – President Obama Edition

Mean Tweets – President Obama Edition

From time to time, we give celebrities a chance to read some of the mean things people tweet about them. We extended that same offer to our Commander in Chief, who happily agreed. This is an…



Jimmy Kimmel Live says:

New #MeanTweets – President Obama Edition

bakerXderek says:

I was expecting those tweets to be a lot meaner than that 

777 TooTurnt says:

The two mistakes I made when I came to this video:
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FJAQ says:

best President ever!

alepizzo7 says:

Loved the guy who complained about beer

FearlessStar1000 says:

I feel like people outside of America love Obama more than those inside

Prezzie :D says:

I do not understand why you Americans hate your president so much! I wish
our prime minister (Mark Rutte) would be so funny and chill like damn…

TheNexxtGreatThing says:

I wish Obama could be president for the rest of my life. Don’t want any
idiot republican telling me what to do…

Its_only_martin says:

I’m British, so I can tell you that you are lucky that have somebody as
cool as Obama for one, and is actually useful. We have David Cameron, which
sadly could be our best option when we have the choice of Ed Miliband, Nick
Clegg and Nigel Fucking Farage. We can swap Cameron for Obama if you guys
like? Please? Please swap with us :'(

swift zin says:

LOVE OUR PRESIDENT! East or west Obama is the best!!!

HellaHannah says:

I wish we had Obama instead of tony abbot

Young Link says:

I didnt realize Obama can be so funny

Toxicantport says:

If you are the president, you will be hated. -The People

Corruptedmilk says:

Obama has to be the only president that has created millions of jobs, ended
costly wars, opened up relations with Cuba after 50 years of embargo and
frosty relations, actually attempt to set up at least some sort of
healthcare system, and he’s achieved this in a political era almost as
polarized as the 1850s, which republicans putting every road block at their
disposal in any sortof reform.

Plus he’s a nice enough guy who can laugh at himself.

And yet he’s one of the most unpopular presidents ever, and I have yet to
hear a justified argument as to why he deserves such unpopularity.

I mean, a proper intellectual discussion, I don’t want to hear arguments
copied and pasted from various politically biased news networks.

EDIT:Bear in mind that I’m not American, I strongly dislike both major

Bankroll.Baddie says:

Only President Obama could get gas to $2.00, end 2 wars, get Bin Laden,
bring unemployment below 8%, & then be told he’s failing as president…
I remember when I was in 6th grade & they taught us that the President
can’t just pass a law. It goes through many other people..
EDIT: Chris Rock tweeted this. I did NOT originally state that. & I am very
aware that the president does NOT control gas prices.
But still I say, President Obama is not necessarily “failing” as a
president because he has done positive things for our country & it’s pretty
hard to completely fix all that Bush fucked up. 

Jim joe Kelly says:

He has a good taste in suits tho 

the8killed8one says:

All of the americans should stop bitching about president Obama, and
consider yourselves lucky. You won’t believe some of the twats leading the
other country’s

Malleo says:

I bet if Obama found a cure for cancer, people would *still* give him shit.

SurTurd Furgison says:

a Communist, a Muslim, and an illegal alien walk in to a bar. the bar
tender says, good morning mr.president. 

DonnieCookieMonster says:

People recognize President Obama because of his courage to run the United
States..Sadly, I’ll only remember him because of his memes, which are NOT

SwoopMeDoo says:

Obama only gets hate from his country. Which is pretty ironic. You
Americans should probably think before you vote. Instead of voting without
thinking and just going to complain about the winner. Obama is a pretty
good president, a cool one as well.

HelloCompanion says:

I don’t know why so many people hate Obama. He’s not a bad president. He’s
not the best, but he certainly isn’t the worst. However, I think this is
the case with every president. The loud minority of people that dislike him
will be heard over the quiet majority. A new guy will take office and
people will complain just as much, if not, more. Can’t please everybody I
My problem is with all the people saying “he’s ruining America,” or “he
doesn’t do anything.” In my personal experience, most of these people are
(to put it bluntly) ignorant of how politics work and exactly what is
happening. People watch a segment on the news station, and suddenly
everyone’s got a political science degree. I actually believe we should
require at least a bachelors degree to vote, because if you’re uneducated,
you don’t deserve a say in government.

So, I say all that to say this. If you “hate” Obama, why? Give a reason and
example. I’m completely indifferent (I don’t like or dislike him). Try to
persuade me using facts and knowledge, not your opinions or anecdotal

Angel Monae says:

Its crazy how President Bush is said to be responsible for starting wars &
torturing Muslims when 9/11 happened. *But people didn’t even disrespect
George W. Bush & they STILL don’t disrespect him like they do President
Barack Obama.*


*Its obvious people disrespect Obama like that because the color of his
skin. At school & on the job, we’re taught to treat our teachers & our
bosses with respect because they the ones in charge. Right? But people
treat the President of a whole entire country like shit! That’s crazy to

*EDIT:* A lot of people say they disrespected Bush too, they probably did a
little but not nearly as much as Obama & they never took it to the extreme
like they do with Obama. Am I the only one who sees on CNN when they have
that little debate thing? They always have a white man on there
disrespecting & insulting President Obama on national television almost
every time & they love attacking & gaining up on Barack Obama! Please show
me a video where they did that to George W. Bush. I bet you can’t find
one. *People were afraid to talk to George W. Bush like they talk to
Obama. They probably insulted Bush under their breath where nobody could
hear, but they didn’t dare do it on national television & definitely not
where he could hear it.*

alzira bizzle says:

Many americans don’t like obama cuz he’s black . That’s it 

DarkShadow64 says:

Obama is MUCH better than George Bush. Not perfect, but at least not

Keevenistic says:

While I may not agree with Obama’s Presidential decisions, he’s definitely
the coolest president America has ever had.

Lord Megatron says:

If you’re going to show Obama hateful tweets, go full out and show the
ones calling him a Kenyan and a Muslim.

David Joyce says:

The people that slam Obama online are mostly just dumb kids. This is the
only president they have known in there short life so they know nothing
else. Obama has helped unemployment, the economy, housing prices, stock
market, gas prices, health care for the poor and higher minimum wages, etc.
Wait till some asshole like Jebb Bush comes along and sends us back to the
brink of disaster, then you will know what a shitty president is like. Why
don’t you fucking assholes hate on something worth hating?

Jmanmiller1 says:

Good man, bad President…..

Samuel Krinhop says:

Okay, Obama may have messes up some things, but if America REALLY hates
How did he win two terms and both of his campaigns?
Just saying.

Also, I had to disable replies because of idiots feeling like the N’ word
would be necessary.

Teng Justin says:

Now for all you Obama hating George Bush neo-cons, could you imagine bush
doing this? With his smug vagina looking face? Which president in US
history has been more of the people than Obama?

mariah dominguez says:

I’d like to see all the people who criticize him run a country

Like A Glove says:

Obama has a hard job and does what he can. I don’t no why some rednecks
hate him. :D

Madiop Niang says:

3 billion years ago the earth cooled, and Obama did nothing to stop it. He
also did nothing to stop the meteor from hitting the earth and destroying
the dinosaurs. Wait. He deliberately waited until the middle of the 20th
century to be born, in order to avoid saving the dinosaurs. What a tyrant!?

林半壁江山 says:

Fucking Americans!!!!!! Every president is like shit to you guys!!!! When
is there a fucking president that’s just right to you guys!!!!! You guys
have to fucking complain about every single president !!

Hannah Hashi says:

Obama has done so much for the people, giving them free phones,health-care,
lowering gasoline prices,trying to alloe Mexican children to come into the
U.S so they may have a better life he is trying to help college students.
He has done so much,however,he is still considered a bad President because
he refuses to nuke the Middle East. What the hell? You Americans should be
happy to have such a calm,and considerate leader that stresses over trying
to please everyone. 

Demitri O'Shea says:

Lmao you think a Morman sexualist racist sexist conservative piece of shit
would be a better president than Obama has been these past soon to be 8
years? No if Obama had lost both elections and we had republicans running
this country we’d be more fucked then when we had bush another president
who is also a republican who ruined this fucking country 

SelenaStoleMe says:

god i love obama

jjohnsonnccc says:

To all the idiots who like to say he took out Bin Ladin, lets get something

Obama did nothing to take out osama. You idiots make it sound like he
personally went to pakistan and shot him. It was the CIA and the SEALs who
took him out, not Obama. “Yeah but he made the order so he gets credit”.
Sure, after over 100 DAYS. It took him over 100 days to eventually make the
order, so it goes to show what a shit leader he is.

Michael Plummer says:

I’m a republican and I cant understand why republicans strongly dislike
maybe even hate President Obama. I definitely don’t agree with his views on
certain things but the guy is likable, has charisma and it seems like his
heart is in the right place, we just happen to disagree on what is best for
our country.

Poufkimashoula1 says:

I would LOVE to have Obama as my Prime Minister instead of Stephen Harper.
– Canada

Manic 23 says:

Its amusing seeing all of you people talk shit about the president. I mean
is that all you guys can do? You act like you’re big and tough talking
shit. Like you’re better than him. Yet you won’t do anything about it. If
he is such a bad president then why don’t you guys give it a shot. Hell if
you just don’t like him why don’t you fucking do something about it besides
sitting behind your computer/phone/TV screens acting like your the shit. 

Martin Cassidy Ogando says:

America in my opinion right now has one of the greatest most intelligent
and charismatic leaders in the world right now and somehow does not manage
to appreciate that and then you have Russians who literally suck Putin’s

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