Mean Tweets – NBA Edition #2

Mean Tweets – NBA Edition #2

Professional athletes are no strangers to criticism. In the old days you could yell at the players at the game, but now we have the internet. Now we can insult them quietly and individually…



Jimmy Kimmel Live says:

NEW #MeanTweets – NBA Edition!´╗┐

WG4575 says:

Jeremy Lin! ­čśÇ I know you from Nigahiga. That’s all. I don’t watch NBA xD´╗┐

Rose NoHo says:

Paul George. What’s wrong with that, it’s half of the Beatles.´╗┐

Sarah Monroe says:

Some of these men are really f***ing hot´╗┐

kesya arnold says:

so no thought the last one was the funniest?´╗┐

Chriss Hess says:

what the fuck did the cookie monster guy do to make his voice sound like
that xD´╗┐

Tubbier Wombat says:

I loved Deandre Jordan’s reaction to Chris Paul’s tweet. 1:08´╗┐

onlymemory200 says:

The Cookie Monster one was freakin hilarious. I’m dying lol´╗┐

Cubed II says:

Of course hes lesbian. EVERY BOY is lesbian. Cmon now.´╗┐

Art Vandelay says:

Cousins laughing. That’s a rare sight. Boogie should do that more often :)´╗┐

Dalton Palms says:

Michael carter Williams is a fucking douche… Thanks for ruining our
basketball year you twat #bucks´╗┐

Debora Ahouze says:

Damarcus cousins #hahaha

Nicholas Bhandari says:

That is one loud ass jacket DeAndre Jordan has on´╗┐

Chase Scott says:

Someone explain what the guy ment on steph curry XD´╗┐

CanineGrowTime says:

Demarcus Cousins has a cute smile. He’s one of the only ones that didn’t
seem pissed off by the tweets. Deandre Jordan looked like he was ready to
knock someone’s lights out.´╗┐

Ainsley Carter says:

I had no idea the guy who voiced the “Cookie Monster” actual spoke like
that in real life. ­čÖé mm interesting ´╗┐

Meganandmaelani9 Vlogz says:

It’s kinda racist how ppl r like “wow so no1 made fun of Jeremy Lim being
asian and there”. So what if he is asian. He’s one of the first asian ppl
to be in the NBA. What if he was handsome and white? Then would you like
him? ´╗┐

The Incredible Hulk says:


Prince Jay says:

MORE NBA PLAYERS! They’re so much funnier than the celebrities ´╗┐

Shmoney.king says:

Stephen cury has nice hair lol´╗┐

nicky nm says:

*that last one wasn’t mean he was simply being sincere*´╗┐

NisceD says:

That Boogie Cousins one is actually true as fuck xD´╗┐

Jalen Berry says:

I was named after Jalen Rose, so any insults directed at him are taken
offensively by myself as well. Lol jk´╗┐

Erik Page says:

The MCW one was true´╗┐

Afsana Tabassum says:

John Starr is Paul George’s brother.´╗┐

Esther Delgado says:

I love the cookie monster one so funny. no rude comments´╗┐

MagmaGeckos says:

Chris paul has rice krispy shit lmao´╗┐

SteelCity1981 says:

Deandre Jordan is trying soo hard not to laugh at Chris Pauls mean tweet.

Lea Daniels says:

you need to git the spell check´╗┐

Karen Onamu says:

OMG the last had me ROTFL!!!! i can’t with some of these tweets people are
just too mean!´╗┐

Pallavi Goel says:

“Damarcus cousins is an emotional lesbian” hands down the funniest one´╗┐

thatgirlNancyy says:

Jeremy’s response was absolutely priceless….LOL *:-)*´╗┐

deathkrutcher says:

I was rolling in the Damarcus Cousin is an emotional lesbian tweet xD

trippplefive says:

emotional lesbian and rice krispy dick were the best.´╗┐

rainbow simmer says:

You need to ‘git’ a spellcheck ´╗┐

blackboi309 says:

Shout out to the one that wrote that cookie monster shit. That shit hella

Kim Jong Soo says:
Jessica Garay says:

LMAO on the Cookie Monster one lol…not sure if it’s a mean tweet though
because it’s actually true lol´╗┐

Brandon W. Wong says:

You guys right mean things about celeberty you guys are racist you don’t
like when they speaks bad things about you ´╗┐

FlagDropped says:


chhani sailo says:

stephen curry reactions is so cute ´╗┐

Shaclat Blues says:

Notice how only Dikembe Mutombo only read his tweet sideways´╗┐

tamesha Robinson says:

” Dwight Howard wears panties with leg warmers ” I’m in tearsssssss ´╗┐

lamodenior says:

The Dikembe Mutombo bit just made die laughing!´╗┐

Mary Van wie says:

Last one so funny. Man could really see him as cookie monster´╗┐

Jamal Long says:

Please bring these back ´╗┐

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